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Buddy Messages (2)
His buddy, Sharon Yacup from Omaha, NE, sent him this message:

"Wagner, you are a handsome boy and will get adopted in no time. For right now, you are in great hands."

Wagner sends lots of love and thanks to Sharon!
His buddy, Carolyne Joseph from Santee, CA, sent him this message:

"Hi Wagner, My name is Braveheart Dachshund and my sister Shelby Dachshund are so happy that you escaped that awful puppy mill. You are so handsome. Shelby and I just love German Shepherd Dogs. I think it is your long legs. Anyway, we would love to be your buddy until you find your furever home. Hugs and licks."

Wagner sends lots of big hugs and kisses of gratitude to Carolyne, Braveheart and Shelby!