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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Valentine was given to a young person as a gift. When the relationship soured, it was the poor dog who suffered. Valentine lost her home and the people she knew. It was quickly evident that this precious soul was never given a chance to shine. She is a bit timid upon first meeting, and lacking in confidence. Give her a minute, though, and Valentine transforms into a happy, prancing, playful pup who is so grateful for attention. She loves sniffing in and galloping through the big yards, and waits patiently for people to visit and play with her. Volunteers are working hard to reassure Valentine that the leash is a good thing that means more freedom and lots of fun. As she trusts more and more, we see this smart, sweet girl beginning to believe. Valentine can be choosy with certain other dogs, so she must meet a potential pup sibling before heading to her new home. This beautiful girl will be so happy to become an important member of a loving family.
Homeward Bound
27 lbs