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Buddy Messages (2)
Her buddy, Natalie McLain of St. Charles, IA, sent her this message:

"Hey Little Lady! Saw your face on Petfinder and those eyes stare straight through the screen. I'm thinkin' about you. Thinkin' maybe you look like middle management material, maybe you'd like to make a run to Sam's Club and hang with your ladies group at Applebee's on Thursdays. Something about you, pup. Something about you I really love."

Little Lady is tickled to have such a funny buddy and sends lots of hugs and kisses to Natalie!
Her Buddy, Christine Falletti, from Half Moon Bay, CA, sent her this message:
"Hi Lady! I'm sorry that you're so scared but you're in loving hands now. You're beautiful & I hope you find your perfect forever home very soon. Love you!"

Lady is very pleased that Christine chose her, and sends her happy cuddles and dainty tail wags!