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Buddy Messages (4)
His buddies sent him this message:

"Hi Chico. This is Kathy and Dave Procopio from Massachusetts. We've been following you and are so happy that the kind folks at Hearts United are taking such good care of you. We know someone is going to give you a great forever home where you will continue to be happy every day. Until then, we are very happy to be your buddies. God bless."

Chico is thrilled to hear from Kathy and Dave and thanks them wholeheartedly for their kind words and their support!
His Buddy, Rita Lacount, from Lynn, MA, sent him this message: "Hi Chico I've been waiting for you on this web site. I watch every day when you were in Massachusetts to see if you were adopted. I couldn't because I already had 4 dogs. But I just know that someone in the Midwest will love you also. Good luck my little man. I will be following you!" Chico sends Rita many grateful hugs and kisses!
His Buddy, Melissa Bohanon, from Beverly, MA, sent him this message: "Hi Chico, I miss you baby! You brought happiness to my life everyday, I loved running and playing with you, and I loved when you curled up on my lap in the office. If only I were allowed doggies where I live. I am so happy you ended up at HUA, I know they love you as much as I do! I know you will find a forever love. God Speed little man!" Chico sends Melissa many grateful hugs and kisses!