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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Denton, NE!

Tandy was brought to HUA when her people were no longer able to care for her. We don't know why this sweet, beautiful dog was so traumatized but she was. She has a hard time trusting people but is EXTREMELY grateful to be in the company of other dogs. She spends her days lounging about with those who make her feel comfortable, and basking in the sun is one of her favorite activities. When she is brought to visit humans in the office, Tandy is quiet and observes the goings-on around her. Snarky little dogs don't bother her. We think she may find them rather amusing. It will take time and patience from a loving family to bring Tandy out of her shell. Her adopters would need to understand that an adjustment period of weeks, even months, may be required for Tandy. A quite home with a canine companion would be perfect for her.
Homeward Bound
25 lbs