We’re telling 80,000 people per day, “Don’t Shop. Adopt.”

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At HUA we see the suffering that puppy mills cause every single day. If we hope to end this horrible practice of holding dogs prisoner year after year with no love and companionship and little or no health care we need to spread the word. The only way to end the suffering is to inform the public that they are contributing to the misery of the parents of pet store and internet sale puppies every time they purchase a pup. The parents of those cute little pups breed litter after litter, stuck in wire cages for year after year without good food, fresh water or even a blanket or bed to call their own. They never touch grass. They are often riddled with infections and tumors. To spend money on the parents of the pups would cut into the profits of the puppy millers so the harsh reality is that they leave them to suffer until they are no longer profitable. The lucky ones make it to rescue after half or more of their lives have been taken from them. The others are not so lucky.

Recently a breeder arrived at HUA and pulled this Bichon from the trunk of her car, along with a Cocker Spaniel who was riddled with mammary tumors. She said she was going out of business because sales are down. While we were horrified at the condition of the dogs and their means of transportation it was certainly good news that she is going out of business. One retail outlet that she sold puppies to is very close to our billboard on Interstate 80 in Omaha. That retailer of puppies tells the public that they do not buy from puppy mills, however this clearly proves otherwise:


UPDATE: The billboard will be back in digital form the week of Christmas! Look for us on I-80 and 84th Street, and remember to tell your friends, “Don’t Shop. Adopt.”

2 Responses to “We’re telling 80,000 people per day, “Don’t Shop. Adopt.””

  1. Gail Naramore Says:
    December 14th, 2009 at 2:24 am

    A friend just told me about your facility and I decided to check out your website.Keep up the good work. You are filling a definite need. Love the billboard…people need to be reminded daily of the lives these poor breeder dogs live.

    Together we can make a difference. Blessings from California

  2. Hope Wicken Says:
    December 23rd, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I’m so happy to see the Puppymill signs all over Omaha. Every digital sign I see that pops up. HOORAY!!!!!!! Keep up the good work…THANK YOU FOR GETTING THE WORD OUT!!

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