Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Sept 18th

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Saturday Sept 18th is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day.  In honor of this day we have placed 7 digital billboards throughout the Omaha metro area for the entire week.  Thanks to our friends at Lamar we will be telling 150,000 people per day that they can stop puppy mills by sending the message “Don’t Shop.  Adopt.”  We hope people make the connection that buying from pet stores is precisely how puppy mills stay in business, and that it isn’t just about the puppies (as if that isn’t bad enough).  It is about the suffering parents of pet store puppies.  As long as there is demand the parents will be locked away in cages, suffering for years to churn out more product.  They will never receive vet care.  They will be there until their bodies give out.  They will never touch grass or know the love of a human.  Buying a puppy in a pet store sentences them to this life.

Our new brochure entitled “Where Did This Puppy Come From?” is available to the public.  Please write to us at clinic@hua.org to have brochures sent to  you to pass out at events, vet clinics, grooming shops, doctors offices – anyplace the dog loving public goes is a good place for outreach.  Please take the opportunity on this special day, and every day, to think of the mill dogs and spread the word.  Awareness is key to ending puppy mills in this country.

To help donate to the care of the mill dogs that Hearts United for Animals have rescued please click here go to our online donation form and put ‘for the mill dogs’ in the comments.  Thank you for your support that allows us to continue our missions of mercy to save these dogs who have suffered so greatly for an industry of greed.  And thank you for helping spread the word so that some day all dogs in this country may be happy, loved family members – as they are meant to be.

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  1. Patricia Mika Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 9:09 am

    I’m so thrilled that you were able to publicize the horror of puppy mills on a large scale. We live in north Atlanta and I’d like to do something like this. Any suggestions? I’m not sure where to start, since I’m very short of funds – extremely short – but want to rattle people’s “cages” with ads such as yours.

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