New Arrivals – Nebraska Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued & Receiving Care at Hearts United for Animals

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Transporters Rachel and Michael called from the road to say that the dogs they just rescued from a Nebraska Puppy Mill were in very bad condition.  As a Hearts United for Animals employee Rachel has transported and rescued many puppy mill dogs, so we knew it had to be bad when she was so shocked and appalled.  She said the smell was atrocious, the dogs were covered in mats, extremely filthy and worst of all they were crawling with lice.  Our hearts broke when we heard this news.

Nothing could have prepared us for seeing it in person when they arrived.  The cocker spaniels had huge clumps of feces and dried food hanging from their ears.  A sweet little pekingese was missing one eye and had mats the size of a baseball on his head and belly.  One cocker spaniel girl was so sick and downtrodden that she was lying  stiff with her face in the back of her crate unwilling to move or look at us.  When we did gently lift her from the crate we saw that both eyes were badly infected with masses hanging out of them.  Some of the little ones were so happy to be rescued that they sang the entire trip, making gentle noises to make friends with their rescuers.  One little tiny pomeranian was very happy to be rescued but is also quite ill.  All of their teeth are bad, but his are hanging on by a thread.  He has a cough and is breathing hard which we suspect may mean infection from his awful teeth has gone to his heart.  He is twelve years old.  He was not well enough to even finish having his bath on his first full day at HUA.  Caregivers had to stop and let him rest as he was too stressed and ill to continue.

Political games are the order of the day in Nebraska, as nearly every state, but these dear dogs are the pawns who pay the price.  Their health will be restored as best as it possibly can be under the care of HUA.  They will have good food, comfortable beds and be clean for the first time in their lives.  Hopefully they will find families who love them so that they can try to forget the misery of the first eight to twelve years of their lives.  But it doesn’t make it ok that this happened to them in the first place.  Inspectors of these horrific facilities walk a fine line.  They try to gain compliance in places where it cannot happen, all because the state wants to keep them in business.  Senators walk a fine line of trying to appease breeders and rescuers so that their constituencies remain happy, but in the end money wins out.  Breeders stay in business even when their conduct is criminal, just so that the dirty business of dog breeding in the state can remain promoted, falling under the umbrella of keeping agriculture strong in Nebraska.  Bills are watered down to the point of being ineffective and the small number of control measures in place are ignored for the good of the pockets of the breeders.  There is no consideration for what happens to the dogs after the breeders are done using and abusing them for years, or the extreme cost to the rescues who take on the responsibility to repair the years of neglected medical needs.  Most of all there is no thought for the suffering dogs.  The breeder of these dogs may have gotten rich of off the offspring they produced, but we are here to say that they are clearly morally bankrupt and it should be something that the state is ashamed to support.

Please go to to donate for the care of these dogs.  Your kind support enables us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate these sweet souls who so desperately need us.

5 Responses to “New Arrivals – Nebraska Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued & Receiving Care at Hearts United for Animals”

  1. Jean Says:
    June 20th, 2012 at 7:44 am

    This story among so many makes any caring person sad, angry, and disturbed. I would like every single senator forced to see with their own eyes what happens to these innocent creatures and then justify a vote to allow this atrocity to continue in NE.

  2. christine harpole Says:
    June 30th, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    This just breaks my heart what happens to these poor helpless animals, who can we write to and send pictures of what is taking place at these puppy mills here in Nebraska and across the country.

  3. Kathy Meyer Says:
    July 3rd, 2012 at 5:19 am

    What can be done about the mills? This is just heartbreaking. People need to be educated taht buying from a pet store is like buying from these monsters taht sell them!!!

  4. sue johnson Says:
    July 7th, 2012 at 8:48 am

    I too am all for educating the public, maybe starting in elementary schools. I also would like to go after the well regarded (Not by me)AKC. They are deeply involved by charging breeders a low fee to register their puppies as AKC purebreds. The amount of money the AKC makes is astounding!!! Do you think they inspect any kennels or breeding operations? They are only interested in how much money they can make. This is a sad fact people should know about the AKC,before they purchase and AKC registered dog because people somehow think Its of better quality. Think again. AKC should be ashamed, and have the spotlight on this instead of Picking which dog is best in show. thx, sue johnson, fellow rescuer.

  5. Deb Nabb Says:
    August 13th, 2012 at 11:20 am

    I have been trying for many years to inform the public, my clients, family members, and friends about the horrors these poor innocent dogs face every day. These unprofessional, greedy, selfish, and despicable individuals will continue their abusive and grotesque treatment of dogs until the laws and the people who make the laws protect the innocent victims. These same dogs that we continue to use to protect our country and police forces. These same dogs who serve people who suffer from blindness, post traumatic stress disorder, mental and physical handicaps. These same dogs that can detect an on-comming seizure, and low blood sugar.
    These are the dogs that give us humans their unconditional love everyday of their lives wether we deserve it or not. It is now time that we give them back the dignity, respect, and love they ALL deserve!

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