SENTENCING POSTPONED AGAIN! NEW DATE NOV 15TH – YOU Can Help Shut Down the Julia Hudson Puppy Mill

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H1Julia Hudson, owner of “The Taj Mahal” breeding kennel in Malcolm, Nebraska is being sentenced on November 15th, 2013 for cruelty and neglect of animals.  Hearts United for Animals rescued 19 dogs from her breeding facility in April of 2013.  We have already held one well-publicized demonstration to urge the judge to make Nebraska Statute 28-1019 part of her sentence.  This would mean that she would not be able to own any animal for five years.  We must continue to keep this in the public eye and not let her sentencing go under the radar, therefore we will hold another demonstration the day of the sentencing.  November 15th,  we will hold another demonstration in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse.  All individuals, shelters and rescue groups are invited to participate.  We would like to see as strong of a turnout as possible to send a message to the judge that this animal abuser should no longer be allowed to have animals. Nebraska Humane Society, the group responsible for putting 28-1019 on the books, will be joining us.  Please RSVP only if you plan to attend the event in person.  That way we can get an accurate count for signs needed.  You can RSVP on our Facebook Events pages or email

EVENT DETAILS – Demonstration & Attend Sentencing – November 15th 8:30 am to Noon (sentencing at approximately 10:30 am courtroom 22) – CLICK HERE TO RSVP on our Facebook Events Page, or email

We will be out in full force the morning of November 15th to demonstrate to the judge that we feel the harshest sentence available should be dispensed to Julia Hudson, owner of the Taj Mahal breeding kennel in Malcolm, Nebraska. She was found guilty of animal neglect and cruelty in September.  It is important to continue to deliver our message that Nebraska Statute 28-1019 should be utilized in her sentencing.  This would mean she would not be allowed to own or possess animals for a period of five years.  Ms Hudson is the former owner/breeder of the 19 Lancaster County Rock Stars that Hearts United for Animals rescued on April 15th.  See below for more information and video on their condition and the conditions at the kennel.  The day of the sentencing is very important and we hope that all of our supporters as well as other animal shelters and rescues will attend in large numbers.  Please RSVP only if you plan to attend in person so that we can get an accurate count of signs needed.  Here are a few things to keep in mind for the demonstration:

1) Wear an HUA shirt (or shelter or rescue group of your choice) if you have one.
2) The demonstration will be peaceful – no profanity or threats to harm people or property.
3) Please stay on public property (the sidewalks) but step back onto the grass if people need to pass by. Allow room for pedestrians by making sure not to bunch up too closely with other protestors.
4) Media spokespersons for HUA are Lori Hook and Carol Wheeler. Feel free to give your personal opinion but please refer the media to Lori or Carol for official statements from HUA.
5) Please use the signs that HUA brings for you unless you have a sign approved in advance by Lori

More about Julia Hudson & the Taj Mahal:

Authorities had been battling with Ms Hudson for months over the filthy conditions at her facility and the condition of the dogs. While she agreed to surrender 19 of the dogs to Hearts United for Animals in April, that only represented half. The rest are still there, suffering, and it has been reported that she is back up to as many as 35 dogs total. Conditions cited included inadequate shelter, inadequate food and water supply, and inches of feces in the ramshackle little shanty that many of the dogs were housed in. The larger dogs, Standard Poodles, had no shelter at all.

Hearts United for Animals documented the conditions of the 19 dogs rescued from Ms Hudson’s property, taking over 500 photos and submitting an extensive written report to the district attorney and sheriff from the HUA veterinarian, Dr James Gigstad, who triaged the dogs on the day they arrived. Conditions noted included:
• Dogs shaved so brutally that they were burned and bleeding
• A deep open cut oozing infection on the inside of one of the dog’s legs
• Mats the size of golf balls causing one dog to be unable to walk well or see
• Nearly all were underweight
• Feet encrusted with filth from walking in feces in their small cages
• Nails overgrown and curling under
• Luxating patellas
• pH imbalances, likely due to not having been provided with enough water
• Skin infections
• Ear infections
• Eye infections
• Scores of teeth hanging on by a thread in their putrid, infected mouths
• Hernias from giving birth over and over
• Pyometra infections of the uterus
• A 6-month old puppy with a deformed leg, possibly caught in wires
• Lower jaws rotted completely away due to infection
• Upper jaws with holes rotted into the sinus cavities (fistulas)

Video of the actual Taj Mahal breeding kennel owned by Julia Hudson:

Video of the dogs rescued by Hearts United for Animals:

Cats & Kittens Everywhere!

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ShyanneWebCats, cats, cats!  Everywhere we look there are cats and kittens.  Hearts United for Animals has had to expand the cat quarters, making temporary housing in the clinic building as well as some of our isolation areas.  It was a very tough season for kittens.  We have many babies in addition to the adult cats.  They showed up in boxes at the end of the driveway, farmers brought them in from the area, some were found under houses and in fields.  They are all friendly, sweet, adorable and cuddly and oh so happy to be rescued!  They would love to have forever homes, and the staff at HUA would love to be back into their ‘cat comfort zone’ and get some adopted so that overcrowding is not an issue.

If you are considering adopting a cat now is a wonderful time.  Now through the end of the year you will receive a Hearts United for Animals tote bag with top of the line Taste of the Wild cat food, toys and treats.  The cats and kittens are able to travel long distance as well.  Just write to us at to find out about all of the lovely cats for adoption and discuss travel arrangements.

Shyanne, pictured here, was rescued from a small town where people noticed her wandering around lost for weeks.  She has only three legs.  She is one of the sweetest cats we have ever met.  Her very favorite thing is to snuggle in soft beds.  She and her cat friends at HUA would love a home of their own with people to snuggle with and care for them forever.  Please spread the word about Shyanne and her friends.


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