Help Carrick Celebrate Freedom Week at HUA

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Carrick and his pals at HUA received an exciting message this week from a wonderful supporter who wishes to do all she can to help HUA save lives and provide comfort for dogs and cats in need.  Her greatest desire is to achieve freedom from suffering for all animals.  To help increase the amount of care HUA can provide for those who need us most, she decided that starting today through July 4th she will match all donations dollar for dollar until the goal of $10,000 is reached!

This dear, generous supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, put Carrick in charge of the festivities for Freedom Week.  She knew that he was the oldest, wisest and has known great suffering in his life.  Carrick lives in the meeting room at HUA.  He is estimated to be 13 years old.  He was found in the country where he had been wandering by himself for a very long time.  He was weak, filthy, emaciated, covered in tumors, heartworm positive and deaf.  The HUA veterinarian was not even sure that Carrick would survive heartworm treatment.  Carrick disagreed though and knew he could do it, and he did!  He is one very happy old man now.  Most days he can be found snoozing away on his big soft bed.  He only likes to be outdoors for a short while, much preferring his new indoor accommodations.  He still marvels at the fresh food and water that are all his, and he adores the affection of all of the people who pass through to see him each day.  He was very excited to learn about Freedom Week and knew he had to pull out all the stops to get word out to the HUA supporters.  Carrick knows how wonderful it is to be rescued, comforted, loved and freed from years of suffering.

Throughout the week Carrick will be featuring his friends who have also been freed from lives of suffering.  They will be joining him in the week long party to celebrate this marvelous gift.  The celebration, including many more dogs dressed in their best party attire, will take place on the HUA Facebook page at  Carrick will post totals regularly so that everyone knows how close he and his pals are to meeting their $10,000 goal – and turni ng that $10,000 into $20,000!  Although he is deaf, Carrick can see well (especially with his snazzy new glasses) and is very sharp – so he has been appointed the accountant for the fund-raising event.
Carrick asks that you please consider a donation for Freedom Week so that more animals can be spared from lives of suffering and go on to be content and free.  He and his friends send their heartfelt gratitude and promise to do their best to entertain you and bring you heartwarming stories of happiness and love on Facebook throughout the week.

Many thanks go out to the anonymous donor providing match funds, and to all of our wonderful supporters to who are always there to make sure that HUA can assist dogs & cats in need.

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