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Your donations help the 400 dogs and cats that call HUA home at any given time. Many of them are special needs. They have special diets, medications and require extra attention from their caregivers due to medical or behavioral issues.

HUA also operates a low cost spay/neuter clinic as a charitable service for the public and has a yearly deficit of $55,000. As funding allows, HUA assists indigent owners with their pet animals that are suffering from emergency medical issues.

The cost to operate the shelter exceeds one million dollars each year. Your donations mean so much to the animals in need. Because of your support, HUA will be ready to help the next animal in need, shut down the next puppy mill and provide valuable services to the community.

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Be a Buddy

So many people love our animals and would like to adopt one but already have a full house and cannot. Now you can be that animal's "Buddy" until they get adopted! The Buddy Program allows you to provide support for a specific dog that touches your heart. The minimum donation is ten dollars per month, and the donation stops when the dog is adopted. Each Buddy gets to write a message to put on the dog's webpage! 

Due to the high cost of animal living and their soaring popularity, we're now accepting multiple buddies for each animal. After all, who ever heard of having too many friends?

You can become a Buddy by clicking on the link below and telling us who you your buddy is and what message you want on their webpage. 

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Sponsor a Sweetheart

Hearts United for Animals is dedicated to the philosophy that all dogs and cats deserve happy healthy lives with people who love them. Some animals find that home with us as Sanctuary Sweethearts. They are animals who are not up for adoption for various reasons including health, age and personality issues.

The Sanctuary Sweethearts live full, comfortable, happy lives at Hearts United. It costs about 25 dollars a month to care for these special needs dogs (and to keep them with frisbees and balls!) The Sweetheart Program allows people to sponsor one of the animals living at the shelter. We will send you a photo and information about the dog you are sponsoring and will update you on their lives during the year. The cost is twenty-five dollars a month. You can stop your donation at any time. 

You can sponsor a Sanctuary Sweetheart by clicking on the link below and telling us who you'd like to sponsor. 

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Homeless Man and His Dog Need Help to Stay Together
Tracy rescued Buck when he was just a baby.  Buck was tied outside where neighbors would watch him fall off the porch, suspended by his leash, just short of being able to put his little paws on the ground and strangling himself.  They would help him out only to have it happen again.  Finally Tracy came along and gave him a home where he would be safe.  Returning the favor for being rescued, Buck rescued Tracy.  Tracy had Buck certified as a therapy dog to help him with his PTSD.  Buck became his best friend and helps him tremendously with his mental illness.  Several months later Tracy received a call saying that his mother in Nebraska was in ill health, that he needed to come be with her and get her set up in a permanent care facility.  Tracy was able to
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18 Puppy Mill Dogs Were Scheduled to Die
Just seven days ago, late in the afternoon, we received an urgent message.  Eighteen puppy mill dogs were going to be killed by the breeder first thing the next morning if they weren't rescued.  Another rescue had found out about it but did not have the resources to drop everything to go save them.  Within 20 minutes of receiving the details, Julie and Lori threw crates and blankets in the HUA van and took off for central Missouri.  Six hours later, after a harrowing trip through the steep hills of Amish mill country, complete with horse and buggy crossing signs, the dogs were safely resting and gobbling down soft nutritious food at HUA.  We were told they were all old, but some turned out to be quite young. 
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41 Dachshunds Saved from Arkansas Puppy Mill
Forty-one Dachshunds arrived at Hearts United for Animals on Monday evening, January 25th.  Julie and Linda from HUA rescued them from an Arkansas breeding facility that was going out of business.  We were told that they were rare colors, gorgeous dogs with many championship winners among them.  The breeder said they were well cared for and were her babies.  She knew each one and would tell us all about them.  That sounded different from the typical puppy mill rescue, a breath of fresh air to find a breeder who treated the dogs so well.  Unfortunately, when we arrived the story didn’t resemble reality at all.     Julie and Linda were taken into a
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