37 Dogs Rescued from Horrible Conditions in South Dakota

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A sheriff of a small town in South Dakota called one of our directors, Julie, who is also involved with Almost Home Canine Rescue, about 30 Pomeranians who were starving with no water. They were living in a patch of noxious weeds taller than people. The owner had planned on shooting them, but she was allowed to willfully surrender them. It was very difficult as many had to be caught with catchpoles. Many were so afraid that their only response was to bite – many completely feral.

30 Poms were caught, along with one cat who did not survive. The cat was on top of a doghouse unresponsive and covered in flies.  He was humanely euthanized upon arrival at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Omaha.  Working in the heat and filth caused some rescuers to get sick. Newborn pups were found under boards with the mother eating a dead bird. There was no food or water on the place. Julie said it was one of the worst things she has ever seen.

Fifteen of the dogs were transported immediately to Hearts United for Animals. The other dogs went to Almost Home Canine Rescue in South Dakota and Brookings Humane Society in South Dakota.

Two days later the sheriff’s department went back with Julie to check to make sure no animals had been hidden.  They found 6 more Pomeranians and a Sheltie who has mange so badly that her face is open and raw.  One of the Poms is pregnant and due to give birth at any moment.  They had been hidden at the very back of the property in weed patches.  One of the Poms had fur so terribly matted that a frog was living in it.  The Sheltie and 2 of the Pomeranians came to Hearts United right away.  The pregnant one is staying in foster care at Almost Home Canine Rescue in South Dakota.

To make a donation for the 18 dogs in the care of Hearts United for Animals, text GIFT to 20222 to make a $10.00 donation or you can make a donation online at www.hua.org.  They will have extensive medical needs.  So far we have found abcesses from injury and bad teeth, pyoderma infections on some of their faces and bodies, patches of vermin living on their skin under their coats that were so badly matted, circulatory problems from having fur tangled around their legs rendering the legs unusable, and we anticipate more to come once all of their vetting is done.

Please check out our Facebook page for updates on the dogs and to sign an online thank you card for Tim, Nicole and Roger – the sheriffs who worked so diligently to make sure these dogs were saved from an awful fate and given the chance at wonderful lives.  Thank you so much for your support.  Your contributions allow us to rescue and care for dogs from horrible situations like this.


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