Help Pecan & Her Pals – Please Attend Our March 8th FUNdraiser At Soggy Paws In The Old Market

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For three years Pecan crawled using only her front legs to carry her.  She was held captive in a puppy mill, forced to breed over and over, even though she had such a bad genetic defect in both legs that she could not walk.  Fortunately for Pecan she came into our care here at Hearts United for Animals.  Pecan was evaluated by a specialist at Mobile Animal Clinic in Omaha who felt that he could give her 90% improvement in function and complete reduction in pain.  Pecan is now back from her big operation and is already a new gal.  She is so happy to be free of pain and is excited to be able to stand and take steps.  Her surgery cost $3,000.  She isn’t fully recovered yet, but she is well on the way to being a happy, healthy, loved companion for a very lucky family.

Several Omaha Old Market businesses heard Pecan’s story, and about the 47 other puppy mill dogs that we have rescued since January 1st, all needing extensive medical care.  They are pulling together to hold a super fun fundrasier for the puppy mill survivors at HUA.  Please consider attending.  We would love to see you and your HUA alums.

Here is the press release put out by our good friends at Bozell:

Old Market Business Community Rallies Together for Hearts United Fundraiser

(Omaha, NE, Feb. 13, 2012)—Meet a local author, sip wine and more in support of abandoned and mistreated animals—and bring your pet! Three Old Market businesses are coming together to host a fundraiser for Hearts United for Animals, a nonprofit animal shelter specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of puppy mill dogs.

“We are grateful to the Old Market business community for its support in helping us build our mission to care for pets who need shelter and finding new, loving homes for them,” said Lori Hook of Hearts United for Animals.

The event will run 4 to 7 p.m., on Thursday, March 8, at Soggy Paws, located at 1401 Jackson St. The event is organized by Bozell, a Hearts United supporter and marketing partner.

During the event, Soggy Paws invites dog owners to come in to give their dog a bath, buy their furry friend a toy or treat and to check out the newly completed doggy daycare center. A percentage of sales will be donated to Hearts United. Readers are also invited to meet Omaha author and rescue dog owner Robin Donovan, and purchase their own signed copy of her debut novel Is It Still Murder, Even if She was a Bitch? A percentage from book sales will go to Hearts United. Wine lovers can sip on a selection from The Zin Room for $3 a glass, with $1 per glass going to Hearts United. Anyone and everyone can stop by to mingle and enjoy coffee and light hors d’oeuvres.

And most importantly, animal lovers can donate to Hearts United, learn more about the organization’s work for abandoned and abused pets, and learn how to adopt their next forever friend.

You can RSVP here on our Facebook event page or email to let us know you will be attending.  We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Bozell, Soggy Paws, Robin Donovan author of “Is It Still Murder Even If She Was A Bitch?” and The ZIN Room.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the 8th!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Sanctuary Sweethearts at HUA

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Dulcea and her pals at Hearts United for Animals would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you so much for your generous support that saved their lives and allows them to be happy as Sanctuary Sweethearts.  The Sanctuary Sweetheart program is for dogs who are not adoptable due to age, medical or behavioral condition.  Dulcea came from a horrible puppy mill in Nebraska.  Her eyes were so severely damaged that they both had to be removed to spare her further suffering.  When she came to HUA several years ago she was on death’s door, but today she is the happiest, spunkiest little ray of sunshine you could ever imagine.  She has a permanent foster home with Aunt Jean, who is Florence Nightingale and Mother Theresa wrapped into one for so many downtrodden, sick and forlorn animals who have come through our doors.  Jean talks to Dulcea all day so that she knows where to find her and feels comfort at all times.  Dulcea has surprised everyone by learning to hop into bed by herself and even do stairs.  She has been known to make special guest appearances at local events urging the public to adopt rather than buy animals from pet stores.  People say, “oh she must be tired, she is sleeping”.  When she is in her snuggle sac with Jean it looks as if her eyes are closed and she is napping.  Jean then explains that she isn’t sleeping, she just does not have eyes due to the abuse at the puppy mill.  We are sure that many people are now spreading the word to their friends about how the parents of pet store puppies are treated due to the special public appearances by our dear little Dulcea.

Dulcea has also been an activist in pet store protests.  Twice she came out to help HUA protest the Petland at the corner of 120th and West Center Road in Omaha.  This Valentine’s Day she is proud to announce success!  The Petland store closed for good this month…an amazing gift to the puppy mill dogs.  No longer will sick puppies whose parents suffer in large commercial breeding establishments be sold here.  We thank Dulcea for her efforts to help fight for those still suffering in the puppy mills.

From our Sweethearts to yours, we wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  To learn more about Dulcea and her other Sanctuary Sweetheart friends please visit their special webpage.  For just $25/mo you can sponsor a HUA Sanctuary Sweetheart.

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