Lucky Looks Forward to a Great New Year!

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At first it seemed that if Lucky did not have bad luck he would have no luck at all.  He was found wandering and starving with a front leg injury.  He was clearly in distress but was happy to arrive at HUA where he was given wonderful meals and taken in for evaluation by a specialist for his leg.  Unfortunately the leg injury was old and the tendons had wrapped around, healing so poorly that they could not be repaired.  Lucky had to have a front leg amputated.  He did very well with the surgery and was a model patient.  He became a favorite at the vet clinic in Omaha where he spent several days recovering.  During that time his heartworm test came back and it was bad news.  Lucky is heartworm positive.  We were in despair over all this poor, adorable, loving boy had to go through and the tough road ahead.

When Lucky arrived at the vet he did not even have a name.  Our first concern was to get him care quickly.  Upon receiving the news about his heartworm diagnosis the vet said “well we just wanted you to know we have named him Lucky.”  We said really?  Why?  At first we thought it was a joke.  Dr Jensen then went on to explain that as the staff discussed it they decided that any dog who was in that bad of a situation, who turned out to be such a loving, happy dog in spite of all his troubles and found people who cared so deeply about him, loving him and wanting to heal him in spite of all his afflictions was actually pretty darn lucky.  We thought that was such a sweet sentiment that we decided Lucky would be his name.  All of the techs at the clinic continue to inquire about Lucky, the dog with such heart and spirit.  They want him to find a wonderful home, as they just can’t imagine a dog who deserves it more.  Lucky has had no trouble with his amputation.  When we went to pick Lucky up from the clinic he ran out to greet us, jumped up for treats and to show us his favorite bone that had been given to him as a gift by the clinic staff.  We could go on about what a great dog Lucky is, but we think the look on his face says it all.  He is happy and loved and that is all that matters to him.

Lucky will be going through his heartworm treatments and is scheduled to be done around Valentine’s Day.  He will have big piles of blankets to rest in while he recovers and people at the shelter to dote on him, which he completely adores.  Lucky is looking forward to a great New Year of happiness, healing and hopefully a home with a family of his very own.

View Our New Commercial About Puppy Mills

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Throughout the month of December, Hearts United for Animals will run 30-and-60-second spots on Animal Planet and Bravo in several major US markets as well as the Omaha and Lincoln area, including additional spots on the 10 pm news on KETV and WOWT.  We are so grateful to Mr James Lipton, of Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo, for delivering this powerful message.  He is an amazing talent and a kind, compassionate man of honor.  We would also like to thank Don Henley of The Eagles and co-writers, Steuart Smith and Timothy Schmit, for allowing us to use their song, “Do Something”.  Their kind words and enthusiasm for the project are so appreciated.

Another big name star of the show is Telly, a 12-year old bald, blue, paralyzed Dachshund who was rescued by HUA from a horrible Nebraska puppy mill.  Telly is in the 60-second version and also will be featured in an extended version in the works now.  We appreciate his taking time from his busy schedule to accommodate our videographer’s request.  Telly was glad to show all of his friends and fans how well he is doing with his new family, Noelle and Bob Buscher of Elkhorn, Nebraska.  If he could talk he would say “Who loves ya baby?” just like his namesake who is also a famous television star.

Without our dear HUA supporters, Riki and Jerome Shaw, these commercials would not have been possible.  Riki recognized the need to spread the word about puppy mills and the important mission of HUA.  After visiting HUA, it became her dream to inform as many people as possible about the horrors of puppy mills and to help raise funding for HUA so that we can continue our mission of mercy to save thousands more puppy mill dogs while working to end the atrocity of puppy mills forever.  Riki has traveled extensively visiting shelters and assisting with rescue efforts throughout the United States.  She says that her heart remains with HUA and it has become her life’s mission to create awareness about what an exceptional place it is both in facilities and dedication.

Our friends Matt Bross and Chad Eacker at Delinea Design in Omaha worked day and night to write the scripts and bring it all together and our friends Kevin Hutchison and Karissa Tomsen at Bozell in Omaha lent their expertise in purchasing and placement as well as final details.  We are so excited to see this project come together and are hopeful that the text to donate campaign will result in funding that will enable us to rescue and restore many, many more dogs who are living lives of misery and neglect in puppy mills.

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