New Video: Nearly 200 Puppy Mill Dogs Get Freedom for Christmas!

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Since Sept 1st Hearts United for Animals has rescued nearly 200 dogs from Nebraska and Missouri puppy mills.  Many of the dogs were saved thanks to state authorities who realized that they would not survive winter in the horrendous conditions.  The dogs were receiving no veterinary care and one of the mills was only days away from running out of food for the dogs.  We were so glad to be able to assist in saving so many lives before the very worst happened, but also saddened at the condition of the dogs.  The extensive medical needs included horribly infected teeth and gums, severe heart conditions, fleas, painful ear infections, internal parasites, eye infections, mammary tumors and one female pomeranian who required emergency surgery for a hernia so large that all of her internal organs had fallen into it.  All of the dogs are so grateful to be rescued and are doing well in their recoveries.  The most challenging of the rescues involved 76 dogs from a mill that had trouble selling the pups but kept breeding them anyway until there was barely an inch of space left for any of them.  They were mainly large “designer” dogs consisting of Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles.  The HUA veterinarian spent two days at the mill vaccinating the dogs and getting them ready for transport, while HUA volunteers coordinated a massive effort to move them to reputable rescue groups in Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota and the east coast.  Cargo vans were rented and volunteers were recruited for long trips in every direction so that the dogs could be rescued as quickly as possible and have warm places for the winter.  Most of the dogs are now in foster care, many are already adopted, and some will call the HUA shelter home until they find their forever families.  We are very grateful this holiday season to all of our volunteers and good friends in rescue who helped to save these lives, but foremost we are grateful to our contributors who provide the funding to make it possible for dogs like these to be comfortable, happy, warm and well for the first time in their lives.  Because of you this holiday season these nearly 200 dogs will have warm beds, full tummies, medication and people who love them and will fiercely protect their lives forevermore.

We invite you to meet some of the dogs here in our YouTube video, and ask that you please remember Hearts United for Animals this holiday season with a donation to help us rescue many, many more dogs who so desperately need our help:

Holiday Billboards are Back!

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They’re back!  This year we have several different designs rotating on a digital billboard at I-80 and 84th Street in Omaha.  The campaign is running from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  With the help of Lamar Outdoor and Immediate Solutions we have created several different types of eye-catching messages to inform over 80,000 travelers per day about puppy mills.  We are hoping that our “Don’t Shop.  Adopt.”  campaign will make people think twice about buying that darling pet store puppy for Christmas.  Our very own Renella is a mother of puppies sold to a pet store near the location of the billboard.  For the sake of all mothers like Renella, trapped for years in puppy mills, we want people to realize that buying puppies makes the misery continue for hundreds of thousands of dogs like her.   Click here to donate to future billboard or television advertising campaigns.

Here is Renella’s picture and message:

Here are our other messages.  Let us know which one is your favorite.  We are considering making the favorite into a bumper sticker!

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