Puppy Mill Tragedy – Sariel’s Story

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Sariel was rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska along with several other dogs who were in very poor condition due to years of neglect and over breeding.  Sariel’s name means “angel of guidance”, and at only seven years old that is what she soon will be.  Sariel does not have long to live.  Our hearts sank when we looked at her abdomen upon her return from the vet.  She looked like a jig-saw puzzle from all of the mammary tumors that were removed.  We remained hopeful that the pathology would be good, however, a week later we received devastating news.  Sariel’s cancer has moved to her lymphatic system.  Sariel does not have long but she is making the best of it.  In  spite of her recent surgery and painful infection in her eyes which is taking a long time to clear up, she is happy for the first time in her life.  We know we won’t have much time to spend with her, and we do not anticipate that anyone will adopt her knowing they will lose her so soon, so we will help to make the very best of every day she has.  Sariel loves people and is immensely enjoying her freedom at HUA.  She loves to explore the grassy yards and loves to stretch her legs and wander around the buildings, often stopping for a nap on piles of soft blankets and towels.  We tell her every day how precious she is and we make sure she gets plenty of lap time, kisses and hugs.  We also tell her how sorry we are that her life has been stolen from her by an industry of pure greed, for which we hold the utmost contempt.  Although she has every right to be furious with the world, Sariel holds no ill will.  However, we will not get over it.  We are angry on her behalf.  We will use this tragedy to fuel our passion to educate the public and let them know that Sariel’s years of suffering and life cut all too short did not need to happen.  When the time comes that Sariel’s pain is too great we will hold her in our arms and let her go on to the next life.  She will become an angel of guidance and hope for all of the mothers of pet store puppies still suffering in puppy mills.  Please help to make her powerful story of the tragedy of puppy mills in this nation live on forever.

Click here to donate online to help support and sustain our public education and puppy mill rescue efforts.  Feel free to leave a message for Sariel in the comments section of the donation form.  We will read your messages to her and give her hugs and kisses from you.

HUA Rescues 25 Pugs from a Deplorable Puppy Mill

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On July 20th, 2010, HUA rescued 25 pugs from a deplorable puppy mill in western Nebraska.  We are happy to say that this mill is now shut down…CLOSED FOR GOOD!  HUA rescuers traveled across the state to the Wyoming border to bring the dogs to safety.  The rescue, coordinated by Jane Denning, of Torrington, Wyoming, took place early in the morning.  As you can see from our YouTube video the conditions were frightful.  The dogs were loaded into the HUA van as quickly as possible with front and rear air conditioning blasting away.  They were so grateful to be able to breath well for a change, with cool air and away from the overwhelming stench of their filthy, dilapidated little shack.  As relief washed over them they slept the whole 9 hours back to HUA.  This was one of the most difficult rescues HUA has been involved in.  These dogs are so frightened of humans that it is completely heartbreaking.  Because of the large number of dogs all needing such intense emotional rehabilitation our friends from several rescues in Nebraska, Minnesota and Canada have stepped up to help us and take many of these sweet pugs into their foster based rescues.  We had many emergency medical expenses during the week and will have ongoing expenses with the dogs staying at HUA.  We would deeply appreciate donations for their care.  Please put “for the pugs” in the comment section of the donation form.  Many thanks to all who came together to make this a well planned, well executed rescue.  This is the start of a wonderful new life for 25 dogs who came from one of the most horrific man made tragedies we have seen yet.

1st Annual Poolside Pawty & Fundraiser – a Big Success!

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HUA’s First Annual Poolside Buffet Pawty and Fundraiser held on July 23rd, was a smashing success! Hosted by Bruce Billesbach at his gorgeous home in Ponca Hills, the benefit raised over $12,000 for the 400 canine and feline residents at HUA. The late Bexar (pronounced Bear) Billesbach, was the inspiration for the pawty.  His photo greeted the party attendees and we know that Bruce’s beautiful, loving boy was with us in spirit. The night could not have been more fun! There was live entertainment, valet parking, a buffet by Metro Culinary School and over 30 lovely items on the silent auction tables. We had many $500 or more level sponsors for the benefit.  Please help us thank them and support their businesses.  Sponsors were Mobile Animal Clinic, Three Dog Bakery, Immediate Solutions, Rebel Interactive, Pawsitively Treasured, Ideal Construction, Woodhouse Auto Family, Tenant Data Services, and Veterinary Eye Specialists of Nebraska. We can’t thank Bruce, our sponsors, our silent auction item donors and our party attendees enough for making the night such a wonderful time to remember! Please enjoy all of the many fun photos from the event in our album in the Photos tab of our Facebook page. They were taken by Lisa Tegtmeier, HUA volunteer, and Kim Justus of Kimotofoto.com.

A tribute to Bexar greets party attendees at the entrance.

Carol Wheeler - HUA Founder, Bruce Billesbach - Host and Dennis Wheeler - HUA Co-founder

HUA alum, Molly, flashes us a big smile of thanks for her home with Bruce.

This gorgeous quilt made by HUA supporter Susy Shafer of Virginia, was the top auction item of the night going for $1,000. The sentiment it expresses perfectly sums up the reason for the evening and our wish to see every dog have a wonderful home.

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