Hey There Hot Tamale! How ’bout We Go To Your Place…

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In your purse or on a plane, on the couch or on a train, in a bus or in your car, you can take a Chihuahua near or far!  HUA has over 40 fabulous Chihuahuas looking for love.  We’ve never had so many of this wonderful breed at one time.  Can you, could you, should you help to find them great homes? Yes…you can, you could, you should!  Take a look at all of these wonderful, smiling faces just waiting for the perfect home to call their own.

Did you know that if you have adopted from us before and your circumstances have not substantially changed that you are pre-approved?  All you have to do is write to Jenny (jenny@hua.org) and say, “Jenny, I would like to adopt a Chihuahua!”.  What will Jenny say when you tell her this?  She will say “That is wonderful news!  Do you have one in mind or can we help choose the perfect one for you?…Would you like to travel in the car or should we put him on a plane?”  Haven’t adopted from us before?  Not to worry.  Just fill out our online application and we’ll walk you through a simple process.  Just a few easy steps…make sure you have a securely fenced yard, a vet reference check, a brief home visit to make sure we have a good match and poof – you have a new family member!  We have home visitors across the continental US and can fly to most major metropolitan airports.

Why a Chihuahua?  Chihuahuas are the oldest dog breed in North America, and the smallest dog breed in the world.  Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, they are believed to have been sacred to the Mayan Indian Nation.  They are amazingly devoted, loving companions who are generally easy to groom and care for.  Their life span is 15 years or more.  Chihuahuas typically do better with adults or families with older children.  They come in many colors and can have short or long fur.  Many say that Chihuahuas are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!

Please look at all these wonderful smiling faces and send this post to your friends and family.  These adorable Chihuahuas need you to help them find happy homes!

Click on each dog’s picture to learn more about him/her:

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