HUA Rescues 20 Dogs from a Puppy Mill

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On June 3rd, Hearts United for Animals took in 20 dogs from a puppy mill near Valley, Nebraska.  The conditions were deplorable.  The dogs suffered in pitch darkness, locked in an old dilapidated barn with no windows.  Many of the dogs lived this way for years.  At first they cowered in fear not knowing what to expect of their rescuers, or even what to make of the sunlight that had never before touched their beautiful faces.  Tears fell from the eyes of one gorgeous little red Chihuahua as she realized her nightmare was over.  She stopped shaking as she was held in the arms of an HUA staff member.  Her eyes lit up, she held her head high and for the first time in her life a smile came to her face.

There were several puppies in the group.  Four of the puppies were only 6 weeks old and had been separated from their mother.  One of the four Papillon pups, a little girl named Mary, is very ill.  She cries for her mother, from whom she never should have been separated so young, but she is taking comfort in her siblings.  It will be an uphill battle but we will do all within our power to make sure that these pups survive.

The older dogs have extensive medical needs.  They have rotting teeth from lack of care and poor nutrition, mouths full of infection, hernias, mammary tumors, eye infections, fur loss from stress and urine scalding from the filthy conditions.  In time they will heal.  They will feel better and as they feel better they will blossom into the loving, adoring, trusting companions that they always should have been.  It may take time to find them the wonderful homes they deserve and at HUA they will get all of the time, medical attention and love that they need to give them their lives back.

Please watch our YouTube video to see all of the dogs rescued, and please consider a donation to help these dear dogs to recover:

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