Lincoln Store Helps HUA Dogs

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In December 2008 Sue Sturgis, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sold her business to dedicate all her time to the love of her life – helping animals.  With years of experience as a fashion coordinator and successful business owner Sue decided to open her own store, one where all profit would go to help homeless and suffering animals.  Sue and her husband Darren, and two rescued dogs Emba and Muggy (the official greeters) work day and night to help provide a better life for shelter dogs and increase awareness about animal welfare issues.

The store, Cause for Paws, located at 5700 Old Cheney Road in Lincoln, Nebraska, accepts gently used clothing and accessories and household items – anything in good condition.  It is not a typical second hand store.  Merchandise is all of good quality, beautifully organized and tastefully displayed.  It looks like an attractive level of a department store.  Customers receive great personal service.  People bring in donations and stay to shop.

Recently HUA directors Carol Wheeler and Sally Carter, along with Canary and Ciana, Chihuahuas rescued from a Nebraska puppy mill, stopped in to say hello at Cause for Paw and thank Sue and Darren for helping so many of the dogs  in need at HUA.  Ciana, who was not known to warm up quickly to new people, took an immediate liking to Sue and Darren.  It was soon decided they would adopt her to become the littlest animal rescue ambassador at Cause for Paws.  Ciana is carried around the store, always in Sue’s arms, and is loving her new life as storekeeper and beloved family member.  Her friend Canary was soon after adopted by a wonderful family in Lincoln.

Please consider helping Cause for Paws by donating gently used items or stopping in to shop.  Make sure to thank Sue and Darren for dedicating their lives to the animals in need.  They are appreciated tremendously by the Hearts United for Animals organization and the animals we rescue who are so very much in need of support.

You can visit the Cause for Paws website at

Sue, Canary, Muggy, Darren, Ciana, and Emba

Sue gives Canary a tour of the store

Darren meeting the new family member, Ciana

Canary says good-bye to Ciana and wishes her well

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