Puppy Thrown from Moving Car Survives Severe Injuries

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It was a quiet afternoon at the shelter when a man and his teenage son pulled up in a pickup.  The dad informed us that his son found a puppy in the in a ditch in the country the night before while out having a good time with his buddies and wondered if we could help.  We were anticipating a Labrador, or some other typical breed for the rural areas.  The son got out of the truck and presented our volunteer with a little yellow puppy who weighed less than 3 pounds.  He was the most adorable little thing we’d ever laid eyes on.  We of course said we were happy to take him.

We noted that the little pup was very snorty and his breathing was labored.  He lapped up soft food and water but we could tell he needed immediate veterinary care, so minutes later he was on his way to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Omaha.  We were thinking antibiotics and time on oxygen would fix him up.  We were very disappointed, as was the veterinary staff, to learn that he had severe injuries consistent with being thrown from a moving vehicle.  He had a scar on his head, his eye was red from trauma, a rib was fractured and his jaw was broken and severely displaced.  We were sick about it.  Despite his injuries this gorgeous little pup wagged his tail, squirmed and was so happy to be with people.  The jaw break was at the TM joint making surgery not an option.  The vet said that sometimes putting a tape muzzle on to make the jaw bone grow back into place works and that was our only option.  It would mean syringe feeding the pup for 3 to 4 weeks until the jaw healed.  We said of course, we have to try.  After a weekend at the emergency hospital our little pup, now named Kid Rock for his love of the music he listened to in the car on the way to the vet, was able to come back to the shelter.  The HUA staff fed him every 2 to 4 hours by syringe giving him pain meds through the syringe as well.  Kid Rock was so sad and in so much pain that it broke our hearts, but we knew if he could get through it he would be the happiest, sweetest puppy ever.  He whined and nuzzled his head into our arms for the first several days.  Although still not happy to have his mouth taped shut, soon after he was back to himself and begging for his next feeding.

Kid Rock’s jaw has healed faster than anticipated and he now has the tape muzzle off after 3 weeks.  He is still weak and fighting infection.  He is eating soft food for now with two different kinds of antibiotics administered.  His nasal trauma is still healing and he makes some snorting noises that sound like he is gasping to breath.  He is happy as can be though and got to play with the other puppies at HUA for the first time this weekend.  He thought it was positively delightful.  He loves lapping up every bite of food on his own and just can’t wait to get out to lavish hundreds of kisses on his care givers.  In addition to being too cute for words he has the sweetest, most loving personality.

We cannot imagine what caused someone to throw this gorgeous little pup from a moving car and leave him to die in a ditch in the country.  Perhaps drugs?  There is just no reason on earth for such a horrible thing to happen.  We are so glad that he was found and that he had such wonderful medical care.  The entire staff at two veterinary clinics have fallen madly in love with him and are as grateful as we are for the divine intervention that caused the young man and his friends to stop to check their tires at that very spot by the ditch late that night.

We are gladly accepting monetary donations for Kid Rock’s care (costs are currently at close to $1,000), and although he is not quite ready for adoption yet if you are interested please write to jenny@hua.org and she will keep you informed of his progress.  He still has some follow up vet visits to do and will need to be stronger in order to be neutered and micro-chipped but he would LOVE to have a great home waiting for him when he is ready to go.

UPDATE: Dooley Needs Your Help…

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Dooley recently came to us from a puppy mill rescue with 100 other dogs.  At less than a year old he was afraid, shivering and filthy.  At first it was thought that he had a vision impairment because he would occasionally run into things.  However, the eye specialist said that he has perfect vision.  The specialist thinks that Dooley experienced a back trauma while at the mill, which is healing ok on its own although he bunny hops a little.  Soon after his many doctor visits Dooley had a massive seizure that took a day to recover from.  We were so scared thinking we might lose him.  It was determined by the specialists at Iowa State that he has a liver shunt.  This causes him to act intoxicated due to not being able to properly process protein in his diet which is why he would sometimes run into things.  The protein in his good quality diet at HUA built up and caused him to have the seizure.  Dooley was evaluated and the good news is that the shunt is operable.  The bad news is that it is an intricate, expensive surgery and it was also found that he has 3 bladder stones which will need to be removed at the same time.  Dooley is not strong enough to survive surgery yet.  He will be on medication and a special diet for another 3 to 4 weeks before he can return to Iowa State for his operations.  We can tell his medicines and new low protein diet are helping already.  Dooley doesn’t even know that he is sick, but without surgery he has no chance of living to see his adult years.  Dooley chases bunnies in the yard, races up and down the hall doing his little bunny hop, snoozes on his special little doggie couch that he loves, and plays with the other dogs.  He follows us at our feet and loves to snoop in the refrigerator (Sorry Dooley! It is only your special diet for now! After your recovery we will have all kinds of special treats ready for you to choose from!).  Being held and cuddled is his very favorite thing.  He is all puppy, and we hope that he can heal in time to experience what is left of his puppyhood without any complications.  Dooley needs all of our healing thoughts and prayers.  He has an uphill battle ahead.  Dooley’s life has nearly been stolen from him due to poor breeding, abuse and lack of care at the mill.  We intend to do everything in our power to made sure he has a life of health and happiness ahead of him and we are asking for your help.  Donations for his medical expenses, which we estimate will be $3,300 can be made online here.  We thank you and Dooley thanks you for your support, care and concern.  We will post updates when Dooley goes for his operations.  Please send good thoughts his way!  HUA supporters are the best.  We know that you will come together, as you’ve done for so many other suffering mill dogs, to help us give Dooley the health and happiness he so desperately deserves.

UPDATE:  Dooley just had his surgery today 4/23/10.  He did GREAT!  He will be in the ICU for the next 24 to 48 hours but the vet said it just couldn’t have gone better.  The liver repair went well and the bladder stones turned out to not be bladder stones but some type of small flakes (possibly due to the liver condition) that are not of any concern.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to help save Dooley’s life and get him on the road to recovery!  We are SOOOO happy to have this good report from Iowa State University on him tonight.

Hawkeye’s Luck Changes at HUA!

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Poor Hawkeye has had a tough life.  This sweet young Pomeranian fellow was born in a puppy mill in Iowa.  He was released by the breeder to a rescue group in Iowa, which should have been the start of a wonderful life.  Unfortunately for Hawkeye he had an awful experience.  He was adopted to a family who had a large dog.  The large dog attacked him, severely injuring his leg.  The family then took him to a humane society where his leg was bandaged but nothing else was done.  The leg became extremely infected.  HUA was contacted to take him and told that his leg was so bad that it would need to be amputated.  When Hawkeye arrived in our care our vet was shocked at what he found under the bandage.  It was awful, but with a new laser therapy and IV antibiotics the vet refused to give up, knowing that with proper care the leg will heal.  Hawkeye’s wound was cleaned, he was given pain medication and was taken daily for a week for laser treatments at Backlund Animal Hospital in Omaha where they have state of the art equipment and cutting edge treatment options.  Hawkeye should be as good as new within a few more weeks.  He is in GREAT spirits.  He loves all the care and attention that is lavished on him.  He is such a sweet, adorable, fun little fellow who in spite of all of his trauma still adores people and other dogs.  We can’t wait to say that he is completely healed and ready to find a wonderful new home where he will be treated like a little prince, never to suffer again.  If you are interested in adopting Hawkeye please write to jenny@hua.org.  If you would like to donate for his care (bills are currently at about $1,500) please click here and write “for Hawkeye” in the comments.  If you would like to leave him a special message here or on the donation form we will be happy to deliver it to him and give him a kiss from you!

Hawkeye recovers at an HUA foster home in Omaha.

Hawkeye’s leg after it was cleaned up, a few days after laser therapy started.

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