99 Nebraska Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued – 2 Receive Immediate Emergency Care in Hopes That They Will Survive

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On January 17th, 2010, 99 Nebraska puppy mill dogs made their way to safety as rescue groups from Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota came together to provide them comfort and care they have never known before.  The rescue efforts, coordinated by Julie Lavin, HUA director and founder of Almost Home Canine Rescue, were a massive undertaking.  Once other groups participating in the rescue spoke for all the dogs they could accommodate Hearts United for Animals agreed to take the rest so that no dog would be left behind.  40 of the 99 dogs are now happily residing at HUA.  The first HUA arrival was Frankie, a little 1 pound Maltese who is almost 5 months old.  He was rushed to Omaha for emergency care.  He is at the vet where it will be determined why he is failing to thrive and if he has a chance for survival.  A little Yorkie girl is also at the vet in Omaha, having arrived with her jaw broken and dangling.  She is undergoing tests to determine if she is strong enough for surgery and if surgery is an option, or if the breaks are too old and too severe.  The other dogs will soon go to the vet for their spay/neuters, dentals and other medical needs.  Many had raw, bleeding mouths from years of neglect.  Others have hernias, tumors and bellies swollen with infection from being bred over and over.  We pray that all will survive their much needed medical procedures so that they can go on to live the lives of love and comfort that they always should have known.  Please watch our YouTube video to see the arrival of all of the dogs including the little Maltese, the Yorkie with the broken jaw, a 5 month old blind Maltese, and many, many other sweet, smiling faces who are so happy to be free.  Donations for the care of these dogs are desperately needed.  In addition to the routine care they will need many will have extended hospital stays and need to see specialists.  Click to donate now.

Please watch our video and consider a donation to help these dear dogs:

Starved, Freezing, Giving Birth – Esme Rescued by HUA Employees from Under Trailer Home

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Esme1Late in the afternoon a call came in that a small, very pregnant Miniature Pinscher mix was abandoned in a town near the shelter.  The caller said she was living under a vacant trailer home and looked like a pot bellied pig.  She was frightened, starving, freezing cold,  and was begging and scavenging for food.  The caller thought she had been bred by two Labrador Retrievers.  Neighbors tried to rescue her but could not get her out from under the trailer.  HUA employees John and Shaun took off immediately to go to her rescue.  When they arrived they had to tear off part of the skirting to the home and crawl around on the wet ground dodging electrical cords.  Once under the trailer they  heard rustling but couldn’t see her.  John looked up to find that she crawled into the insulation and was giving birth.  She had one dead and one live puppy.  John carefully handed the live puppy to Shaun while he worked on getting the mother dog out.  Once the boys were in the van with mom and pups they called the HUA vet to be on stand-by for their arrival at the shelter.  The boys arrived covered in mud from head to to, holding the surviving puppy like a live grenade.  Over the next few hours 2 more live puppies were born.  All are doing well.  Esme is so happy to be rescued!  She is very grateful for the help given to her and her puppies.  She is so content and relaxed at the shelter, enjoying being able to take care of her puppies in a warm environment where all her needs are provided for, where she has warm bedding, good food and people who adore her.  Please join us in wishing Esme and her puppies – Jello, Sprinkles and Cupcake – a very Happy New Year!

John upon arrival with Esme:



13 Mill Dogs Rescued on New Year’s Eve

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IowaRescue2New Year’s Eve was a very special day for 13 puppy mill dogs from Iowa.  HUA and Almost Home Canine Rescue volunteers drove a combined 500 miles round trip to rescue the dogs from a breeder in Iowa who is now out of business.  These were the last of her breeding stock.  Our adorable passengers made not a peep on the ride, with the exception of one spunky Pekingese fellow who expressed his desire to get to where we were going already!  Some of the dogs were shaved down by the breeder, but others were filthy, matted messes.  The smell in the car was overwhelming.  Upon arrival all of the dogs were very afraid of what would happen next and were reluctant to come out of their crates.  Curiosity got the best of some of them, who hopped out to check us out.  Others had to be gently removed while they fought to stay in their crates, safe from the human contact that they thought may cause them harm.  They were all stiff as a board with fright when they had their pictures taken and were soon taken to playpens with warm blankets and good tasting soft food.  By the time we left all were settled in with full tummies, looking comfortable and relaxed.  We are happy that one more breeder is out of business, never to cause emotional or physical harm to another dog.  We look forward to seeing what the new year brings for these 13 precious poodles, schnauzers, and papillons.  They are now safe and loved for the first time in their lives and will have the opportunity to know good health and be adopted to the happy homes that they always should have had.

Meet the new arrivals:



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