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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Oklahoma!

Maurice was found abandoned in a small town close to the shelter. This poor dog was extremely malnourished, his fur was terribly matted with fleas crawling all over it. His body was covered in sores, and the sores had thorns stuck in them. Maurice must have been out on his own for quite some time. He was so relieved to arrive at HUA where kind people would show him lots of love and get him healthy. This Poodle boy is a riot. He is so grateful for everything the caregivers provide that he offers them huge hugs, which often turn into ballroom dancing sessions. He loves his toys and adores humans with all of his heart. Maurice likes some other large dogs, but not every one, so it is important that he meet potential doggy brothers or sisters before he goes home. We are working on leash manners with this special boy, and there are throngs of people that admire his beauty and cherish his hugs and kisses. Maurice likes to be kept busy so an active family would be just the ticket for him.
Homeward Bound
50 lbs