Kirby was brought in by his family due to symptoms of separation anxiety. This darling chihuahua/shih tzu mix is a funny little one, and entertains us in the office every day. He is sure to be found on a lap and does the most charming dance, standing tippy toe on his back feet and waving his front feet wildly. Of course he pours it on to be held and it does the trick. Kirby is fine with the company of other dogs, but it’s really people that he wants, and for somebody who wants a true companion dog, he’s just the ticket. Because he just cannot stand to be alone, he will only be happy with someone who is at home the majority of the time. He will not tolerate being crated, so he will need a gated off, safe area for when his family does have to leave. We're told he loves children, so he'd be a great fit for a retired person or a stay-at-home parent with older kids. Kirby is a really good boy with the face of an angel and we just adore him.
Shih Tzu Mix
9 lbs