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Buddy Messages (2)
Her Buddy, Barbara Taylor, from Exeter, NH, sent her this message: "Hi Tansy, I've fallen in love with your picture that the dear people at HUA took of you, and I'd so like to be your buddy! You are such a beautiful, and dainty little girl, that I just couldn't resist your beautiful face and body. Although you aren't all Dachshund, that's OK. Your head so reminds me of our Shirley Feeney, and her silly cousin, Simon. I would so like to be your new buddy, but hope it won't be for long, as you are such a pretty girl. From your story from HUA, you are so lucky that they found you, and that you got to see grass and stuff like that,and that you also have found a furry pal, Yucca, there. He will show you the ropes, but from that the wonderful people at HUA (who are the BEST) have said, you are a real good learner. May you not wait too long to show the people in your new Forever Home,when you get it, that you are the best little girl that thay could have in their lives." Tansy sends Barbara and her doxie babies many tiny kisses and grateful hugs!
Her Buddy, Michelle Powell, from Indianapolis, IN, sent her this message: "Hi Tansy, Sending you much love from Indianapolis,IN. You need a buddy and we (myself and our beautiful Sheltie, Ozzie) are happy to be your buddy until you find your forever home. Much love to you, Tansy, and the wonderful people who care for you at HUA. Michelle & Ozzie" Tansy sends lots of puppy kisses to Ozzie and many grateful hugs and cuddles to Michelle!