Red Richard

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Red was found as a stray in a small Texan town. A kind man named Mr. Richard was known in the community for providing food and shelter to unwanted dogs. When Mr. Richard became terminally ill, his dying wish was to find a safe place for his largely unsocialized pack. HUA caregivers drove for many hours in dangerous weather to the humble home where the dogs had been left. It took the entire day to round up the very scared and confused pups, but finally they made their way back to the HUA shelter. Volunteers and caregivers spent several month socializing these precious animals, and finally they are ready to find homes of their own. Red is not only gorgeous, she is super fun. This kid tried to bite when she first arrived, and it was not out of fear. Red figured that we were going to work our tails off to earn her love, but she very quickly decided that biting was a bad tactic. Instead, she turned to happiness and play. This gal is just fantastic. She wiggles wildly when the leash comes out and gets very excited for recess. She is bouncy and playful and adores attention. Miss Red Richard, such a sour puss when she arrived, now invites humans to rub her ears and kiss her beautiful face all over. She thought she had us fooled, but Red wasn't fooling anybody. We know what a sweetheart she is. Her new family will think they hit the jackpot.
Labrador Mix
51 lbs