Puppy Dog

HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Puppy Dog, also known as PD, was surrendered by his family and brought to HUA by a good samaritan familiar with the situation. We were told that PD and an older dog in the home were not living happily together. Here at the shelter PD has shown us that he adores some dogs and others not so much, so it would be important for him to meet potential doggy brothers or sisters. As far as humans go, this guy loves them all. He is quick to show off his basic skills and walks like a champ on his leash. He is very laid back and well behaved. PD is a gentleman with his house manners and caregivers are grateful for that. Car rides are super fun and PD jumps right in like he is excited to be going anywhere at all. This lovely Lab has known a home and he would very much love to find the one that he can live in forever. His sweet disposition and eagerness to please will make him a loyal and devoted family member.
Homeward Bound
73 lbs