Lil Martin

HOMEWARD BOUNd - ADOPTED - now living happily in Bellevue, NE!

Lil Martin landed at the HUA shelter because he was an unwanted gift to an elderly man who was in no position to deal with a wild puppy. And wild Martin was, until caregiver Kristy took him to one of on-site foster homes and made him civilized. Well, as civilized as a big, wooly, cute, ornery baby can be. Martin is very smart, walks nicely on his leash, and comes when called. He loves jaunts in the car and never needs to be asked twice if he wants a ride. He has gotten very good at using the outdoors for potty. Martin spends his days in the main building running up and down the hallway and frolicking with his dog friends. When he thinks he needs quiet time he parks himself in front of the magazine rack perusing the materials stored there. We watch him carefully during this time as when he is finished, Lil Martin thinks it's best to remove what he's read, but we want the booklets and pamphlets to remain. His latest favorite activity is swimming and he has his very own kiddie pool that he loves. Lil Martin will be a wonderful companion for a family looking for a silly, sweet baby dog to provide years of entertainment.
Homeward Bound
60 lbs