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Billy Sue Richard

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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Eagle, NE!

Sweet Billy Sue was found as a stray in a small Texan town. A kind man named Mr. Richard was known in the community for providing food and shelter to unwanted dogs. When Mr. Richard became terminally ill, his dying wish was to find a safe place for his largely unsocialized pack. HUA caregivers drove for many hours in dangerous weather to the humble home where the dogs had been left. It took the entire day to round up the very scared and confused pups, but finally they made their way back to the HUA shelter. Volunteers and caregivers spent several months socializing these precious animals, and finally they were ready to find homes of their own. Billy Sue is an angel. She is kind to the others and soaks up love and attention. She is of the slower speed -- more of a couch potato that a marathon runner -- and a nice, quiet home in which she can retire would mean the world to her.
Homeward Bound
60 lbs