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Buddy Messages (4)
Her buddy, Ellen Shutts from Lincoln, NE, sent her this message:

"Oh sweet, Missy. My heart breaks for you. But you are in great hands now at HUA. I am looking forward to coming down and giving you lots of snuggles and cuddles. You are such a sweetheart there is someone special out there who will take you home and love you forever."

Missy is looking forward to cuddles with Ellen and sends her kisses of gratitude!
Her buddy, Beverly Taylor from Grand Prairie, TX, sent her this message:

"Hang in there pretty girl. Your forever family will find you soon. Until then you will be greatly loved and taken care of by all the folks at HUA."

Missy thanks Beverly for her kind support and encouraging words!
Her buddy, Beth Luymes from Vero Beach, FL, sent her this message:

"You are so sweet! Perhaps I’ll see you next month when I come to visit if you don’t find a home before then. You deserve some belly rubs!"

Missy is looking forward to Beth's visit and sends her kisses of gratitude!