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Buddy Messages (2)
Her buddy, Cheryl Bellus from Troy, NY, sent her this message:

"Hi, Prairie: My boy, Timber-Brian thinks you are probably cousins and wants to be your buddy. We love you! Cheryl & Timber and Lark and Manu, the cats"

Prairie loves the thought that Timber may be her cousin and sends a big THANK YOU to Cheryl, Timber and the kitties!
Her buddy, Margaret Majors from Fort Atkinson, WI, sent her this message:

"You dear gangly, goofy, gorgeous Prairie-dog! We are happy to buddy-up with you until your Forever Family comes to HUA and takes you home! It's easy to see that you're full of energy and vitality and are hoping for a fitness buff who loves to go running with their best friend. Maybe even an American Ninja warrior who will share their obstacle course with you! :-) Hugs to you from Margaret, Gabby and Josie!"

Prairie is so happy to have the kind support from Margaret, Gabby and Josie and sends them big hugs and kisses!