Nala was in a crowded kill shelter in Alabama when hurricanes hit the Carolinas and Florida. Newly homeless dogs needed the space for a chance to be reunited with their families, so Nala was one of dozens that were flown to HUA. This poor dear was coughing terribly when we retrieved her from the plane, and within a day she was hospitalized with pneumonia. It was touch and go for a little while and we were very worried. But our sweet girl has a strong will to live and was finally able to come home to the shelter. Nala is a beautiful girl. She has no interest in being friends with the other dogs because she is all about the humans. She likes playing with her toys as long as we are around to cheer her on and interact. Human contact and affection are the most important things in the world to her, and she is kind enough to allow us to provide belly rubs in exchange for sweet kisses. Nala will be a very devoted and loving companion.
Heinz 57
33 lbs