Wagner was rescued from a horrible puppy mill. Dogs there lived in mud up to their elbows. They had never been socialized and were terrified of human beings. Staff and volunteers worked relentlessly to help these poor creatures understand kindness and care. Although still learning that human touch is a good thing, he is coming around nicely He is very treat motivated so that is making it fairly easy for caregivers and volunteers to assure him that all is well. Wagner loves the attention of female dogs and positively swoons in their presence. His roommates have been very helpful in teaching Wagner about fun things like toys and the pool. He has become curious and alert and even playful. We can see that he longs to be confident and brave, and he is trying very hard to do that. Wagner can be difficult to leash up after playtime in the yard is over--we're pretty sure this is a fun game to him, but he will need to be kept on lead in his yard until he overcomes this silly thing. We beam with pride over the strides that Wagner has made. He is ready for a home--one with a female dog around his size would do wonders for his comfort and happiness.
German Shepherd
68 lbs