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This beautiful dog was down on his luck, looking for help, and had the very good fortune of running into the nicest people he could imagine. Although they were not in a position to keep Maximus, they immediately loved him and knew the best place for him would be HUA. Maximus is a young boy, full of energy, very smart and loving. We do not know what he was doing before he found himself on the streets but we do sense some distrust in him. Something in his early life damaged that. It does not appear that he had much human contact at all--he does not seem to know what people expect of him. Lots of praise and love have helped Maximus put some of his fears to rest. He has had some obedience training and has learned "sit" and "down," but he needs more direction. A person who is wiling to work with Maximus with formal training would bring out the best in this special boy.
Border Collie
44 lbs