Icy was brought to HUA by her family, who had had her since she was just a very small puppy. Once a human baby entered the mix, Icy had a terrible time adjusting and showed signs of separation anxiety with her mom. Icy liked the baby and was very nice to him but she just could not stand to have her mom's attention divided. While here at the shelter, Icy can be a bit shy at first but quickly gets over that and loves the attention. To say she knows some tricks would be an understatement. She is incredibly smart and knows sit, beg, down, dance, high five and leave it, to name a few. She is energetic and loves to run and play in the acreage. Like most Border Collies, Icy wants a job to do and needs to be kept busy to be kept happy. If she gets bored, though, she will just take a nap rather than do anything destructive. She loves to go places, loves adventures and is a big time cuddle bug. Icy would adore being part of an active family with some bigger kids who will play and play all day.
Border Collie Mix
45 lbs