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Trooper was shot with an arrow. The arrow entered his neck and went straight through, exiting out his back. The wound was horrific--it had embedded debris and pockets of infection. Weeks of several different antibiotics and hydrotherapy finally helped our dear, sweet boy heal completely and he is now ready to find his new home. This dog is a riot. Throughout his entire ordeal he bowled us over with exuberant hugging and kissing. His affection for humans is beyond measure. Border Terriers are known to be "affectionate, happy, plucky." We couldn't have said it better. Trooper like toys and comfy beds well enough, but people are really his jam. Any potential fuzzy siblings should meet Troop prior to his going to his new home. He has lived with other dogs and gotten along well but we're not sure he would love just anyone. This special boy will be missed by many but we know he will be ecstatic to be a cherished family member.
Border Terrier Mix
56 lbs