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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTION - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

A small town city officer was able to convince a neglectful owner to release his suffering dogs. They were taken to the local pound, but their physical conditions and medical needs would have overwhelmed the pound's resources. Napoleon, Cesar, and Shazam had only 24 hours for someone to intervene or they would die. Emaciated, loaded with worms, and with a host of other problems, these puppies were extremely timid and afraid of humans when they arrived at HUA. Months of rehabilitation work by dedicated volunteers and caregivers have paid off. Napoleon is the most social of the three brothers. He loves walks on his leash and does a great job not pulling in excitement. He is such a cute puppy that many people want to play with him, and he has started to figure out that humans come with treats and toys. He is becoming more affecionate, and he learns something new every day. Napoleon would adore being an important member of a loving family.
Homeward Bound
50 lbs